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Beautiful riverside London wedding venues

One of London’s many charms is the ability to be both within the bustle of a capital city and right on the edges of a river, right at the same time. If that is exactly the kind of location you are hoping to secure for your wedding venue, here are some of the best to consider.

Raven’s Ait

Raven's Ait

Raven’s Ait is not simply next to the river, it’s surrounded by it. This small, charming island on the Thames near Kingston is without doubt one of London’s most unique offerings, being accessed by private boat and granting you the ideal balance between city convenience and countryside tranquillity. With indoor and outdoor space at your disposal and modern furnishings throughout both, receptions here are able to accommodate up to a generous 400 guests. Surbiton station is your nearest transport link, reachable on foot in around 10 minutes.

IET London: Savoy Place

IET London: Savoy Place

IET London: Savoy Place boasts 4 floors of reconfigured event space. Housed within a historic building, the spaces – each offering their own appeal and diverse range of uses – have been revitalised to make them functional in the 21st century, including the inclusion of cutting-edge connectivity, improved energy efficiency and sustainable technology, all without sacrificing the charm of its heritage. The roof terrace is sure to be a highlight, offering wonderful panoramic views of the city’s skyline and the River Thames. There are also plenty of options when it comes to getting there, with an abundance of nearby transport links.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

With a selection of gorgeous and ornately decorated state rooms, cobbled courtyards and breath-taking gardens, Hampton Court Palace is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Centuries old, this one-of-a-kind venue has played host to many different types of event throughout history, including gala celebrations, grand banquets and meetings of historical figures. Being assigned a dedicated events manager ensures that your reception is both planned and executed to the highest standard. Despite feeling secluded and peaceful, the nearest station is less than 15 minutes away.

The Pavilions – Mile End Park

The Pavilions - Mile End Park

If it’s a decidedly more contemporary setting you are looking for, then The Pavilions at Mile End Park in the heart of London’s East End is well worth considering. The modern aesthetic and blank canvas styling allows you to really put your own stamp on the space, transforming it into your dream wedding venue. There are 2 buildings, both of which have good parking and loading space, making set up a breeze. The generous floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with lots of natural light and allow you to enjoy the charming views of the water which runs right by the venue.

West Reservoir

West Reservoir

Rather than the Thames, Stoke Newington West Reservoir Centre is situated on the banks of a picturesque lake. Benefitting fully from this great location, the venue also operates as a water sports facility, offering open water swimming, kayaking and sailing, which would certainly make for an interesting alternative way to celebrate your nuptials! Whether the sports are your cup of tea or not, the building itself is equally as appealing, being a unique 1930’s structure. Other handy extras include an onsite car park which offers free parking and a late night licence so that the party can carry on into the wee small hours.

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