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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue – Tips & Advice

If you’re newly engaged, your friends and family may have already started asking you “when and where?”  Try not to let any pressure or excitement affect you, remember that choosing from between a daunting selection of wedding venues is something which should definitely not be rushed; it may well be the most costly part of your wedding and therefore, you want to get it right. When choosing, there are numerous things worth thinking about before you make your final decision.

Location – Choosing “where” is a difficult decision for many couples

Whilst you may have your heart set on your English hometown, your fiancée may have his sights set on a wedding abroad. Whilst the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a wedding venue, the main thing to remember is to choose somewhere which makes you both happy. A deciding factor may be the location’s proximity to your family and friends. Think about the most important guests – is it impractical for them to travel to the venue? Can they afford those flights to Cyprus?

Time of year – Consider “when” you would like your wedding to take place

UK wedding venuesIf you are planning a Summer wedding, a venue with picturesque gardens for your guests to enjoy may be high up on your tick list. If your going for Winter, then you may cosy log fire sitting rooms may take priority over the gardens!

Capacity – Before you can choose your venue, you will need to consider “who” you want to attend

Draw up a rough guest list to estimate how many guests your venue will need to cater for.

Accommodation – Whether your guests are travelling from far or near

Being able to offer accommodation is usually a must for some couples. Make sure that you are happy with the standard of the bedrooms and then be sure to check the number of rooms available on the day.  Be ready to negotiate a good deal if you are planning on booking a large number of bedrooms!

Photo opportunities – Does the venue have good photo opportunities?

Venues with rivers, historic architecture or picturesque gardens will make for some fantastic photographs. It is also worth looking at venue photographs from previous weddings to give you an idea of what the venue looks like when it is transformed for a wedding.

Catering – Do you have specific caterers in mind

Or are you looking for a venue which supplies in-house catering?  It is important to think about these options as some venues may be cheaper if you can outsource your own private catering.

Exclusive use – Do you mind strangers in the background of your big day?

Consider whether you want to hire a venue for exclusive use (will probably include exclusive use of their accommodation) and how much this will set you back. Exclusive use can be very expensive, but is also the only option offered by some venues.

License to marry – If you are wanting to actually get married at your venue

Then remember to ask your venue – firstly, if they have a room for the ceremony to take place and secondly, if they provide a licensed registrar to perform the civil ceremony.

Alcohol license – Although most venues have an alcohol license

ConservatoryatnightJPG_thumb_5[1]If you are choosing a venue which is particularly small (e.g. a village hall) then be sure to check to avoid disappointment! You may also want to find out what time the venue is licensed to sell alcohol until (for the partygoers).

Additional Facilities – Does the venue have a spa or golf course?

If you’re planning on staying at your venue the night before then a pre-wedding spa treatment may just help to finalise your decision!

Wedding coordinator?

Some venues (usually the larger ones) will often offer a complementary wedding coordinator to assist you with your planning.  They are usually then there on your big day to ensure it all runs smoothly.  Consider whether you feel you would benefit from this additional service.  If you would, then it may just be the icing on the cake!

FINALLY – Make a tick list – Have a think about what you want out of your venue

Consider the above points and create a chart or table with your wedding ideas and requirements, (for example: grand venue, in-house catering, great photo back drops and a late alcohol license!).  This way you can compare different venues against one another and make sure you choose the right one with confidence. If you are selecting venues online, make sure to plug in all your preferences and requirements into their search facilities.
We hope these tips can help to streamline your thinking process and smooth out the seemingly endless choices, and that you have a wonderful wedding day.. good luck.

Provided by wedding venues experts – GuidesforBrides.com

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